Aglaomorpha (Greek aglaios, splendid, and morphe, shape) is a genus of large epiphytes that consequently like basket culture and good drainage. The tall fronds grow from large and broad bases designed to catch litter. Bases often turn a papery brown in maturity. Leathery fronds are pinnatifid and are striking in conservatory or greenhouse settings, but can grow as house-plants where space is not limiting.

Two of the most popular species are Aglaomorpha coro-nans (crowned) from the Far East, which can reach 6 ft. (2 m), but usually displays more modestly. The bottom of the frond is a parchment paper brown with upright, contrasting brilliant emerald-green foliage.

The other is Aglaomorpha meyeniana (after German botanist Franz Meyen, 1804-1840), a very attractive curiosity with dark green 3-ft. (90-cm) arching fronds. Tips of fertile fronds are reduced to foliar threads with beadlike nodules along their length. Both of these species are suitable for outdoor berths in Zones 10 and 11.

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