Arachniodes miqueliana

Epithet is after Dutch botanist Friedrich Miquel (1811-1871). Deciduous, 2 to 3 ft. (60 to 90 cm).Zones 5 to 8.

description: The rhizome is long-creeping, but with restrained frond production. Chestnut-colored stipes with scattered brown scales are especially dark basally and one-half of the frond length. The triangular tripinnate to quadripinnate blades are umbrellas of soft green pinnae with markedly elongate, signature lower pinnules on the basal pinnae. Frond apices are contracted. Unlike the polished, waxy foliar surface of its relatives, this species has a light dusting of hairs on both sides of the fronds, with a significant concentration in the pinnae axis, giving the fronds a soft downy appearance. The sori with kidney-shaped indusia are medial on the lobes or segments and reputed to be briefly reddish in the center when young. The species grows readily from spores and the creeping rhizomes are easily cut apart for divisions.

range and habitat: Arachniodes miqueliana is a native of forested areas in China, Japan, and Korea as well as significantly chilled habitats of Siberia and Amur.

culture and comments: This species offers great promise as a quiet community of green lace in the company of darker, shade-loving robust companions. Once established it is quite accepting of dryish conditions (within reason), but does need filtered shade and will rejoice in humus-rich soil.

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