Asplenium incisum

Epithet means "incised."

description: The rhizome is erect. Stipes of one-fourth the frond length are green and slightly grooved. Narrowly lanceolate blades are once-pinnate or more commonly bipinnate with 10 to 20 pairs of pinnae. They are widest in the

The forked form of Asplenium foreziense in the Baggett garden. Photo by Jim Baggett.

The alpine Asplenium foreziense serves nobly in the chunky surrounds of a rock garden.

Asplenium marinum grows out from a retaining wall by a bathing beach along the Atlantic coast of southwestern England.
Fertile frond with single sori on Asplenium monanthes.

Asplenium monanthes in a grit-laden container on the protected and partially sunny side of the house.

upper midsection. The basal pinnae are greatly reduced. Sori are linear and, with the indusia, spread across the lower frond surface.

range and habitat: This species is native to Sakhalin, Siberia, Korea, China, and Taiwan, and is especially common in Japan where it inhabits rocky sites.

culture and comments: Once again vigilance for ever-ready slugfests is required. Test your plants in protected sites. unfortunately, like many favorite aspleniums, these are vulnerable but worth a concerted effort to get them established. i have also found that juvenile plants are more appetizing so that older, and perhaps toughened, specimens are better prepared to withstand the hazards of assorted predators.

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