Asplenium xalternifolium Alternateleaved spleenwort

Asplenium septentrionale x A. trichomanes subsp. trichomanes.

Epithet means "alternate-leaved."

description: The rhizome is erect. The plants are densely bushy with slender, dark stipes that are one-third to one-half of the length of the frond. The soft green blades are narrow with 6 to 12 stalked and alternate, mitten-shaped pinnae pointing towards the apex. Sori with abortive spores are few and linear.

Asplenium antiquum in a conservatory setting.

range and habitat: This extremely rare sterile hybrid is native to acid environments in the British Isles, Europe, Russia, and the Himalayas as well as a lonely site or two in the eastern United States.

culture and comments: Luxurious when well situated in acid rock garden pockets, this fetching little fern prefers partially sunny exposures.

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