Athyrium Hybrids

While the athyriums have sported with copious numbers of varieties in Britain, hybrids are limited because virtually no species exist from which to form hybrids, not only in Britain, but on the Continent and in the United States as well. Therefore most Athyrium hybrids are from the species-rich Asian flora. Some that offer ornamental promise (chosen from among 63 in the Flora of Japan [Iwatsuki et al. 1995]) should they become available include A. xamagi-pedis (A. otopho-rumx A. wardii), A. xhisatsuanum (A. clivicolax A. iseanum), A. xinouei (A. iseanum x A. yokoscense), A. xkidoanum (A. iseanum x A. wardii), A. xmentiense (A. vidalii x A.

yokoscense), A. xminakuchii (A. otophorum x A. yokoscense), A. xpseudo-iseanum (A. iseanum x A. otophorum), A. xpseudo-spinascens (A. iseanum x A. vidalii), A. xpseudo-wardii (A. vidalii x A. wardii), A. xpurpureipes (A. clivicola x A. otophorum), A. xquaesitum (A. otophorum x A. vidalii), and A. xtokashikii (A. clivicola x A. wardii).

There is one European hybrid, Athyrium xreichsteinii (A. distentifolium x A. filix-femina). In addition, a presumed hybrid between the Japanese A. niponicum 'Pictum' and A. otophorum is under study in the United States. It has the coloration of the former and habit of the latter parent.

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