Blechnum novaezelandiae

Palm leaf fern

Synonyms Blechnum sp. #1, B. capense

Epithet means "from New Zealand."

Evergreen, 2 to 5 ft. (60 to 150 cm).Zones 7 to 9. Dimorphic.

description: The rhizome is short-creeping, producing dense clusters of frond bouquets. Stipes of one-fifth or more of the frond length are slightly tan scaled. Fronds with oval, once-pinnate sterile blades offer showers of 20 to 40 pairs of bright green pinnae with wavy margins. Fertile fronds are upright with feathery, linear pinnae approaching the apex and contrasting sterile pinnule nubs descending from the midpin-nae downwards.

range and habitat: This species is a common fern in New Zealand, where it is found in moist, shady woodlands.

culture and comments: In its homeland, this species "is not particular about soil and can become a weed" (Brownsey and Smith-Dodsworth 2000). I would like to have such a problem. With long drapes of variously shaded glossy green-hued

Blechnum novae-zelandiae in the Kohout garden.

foliage, this species offers showy enrichment as a hanging tapestry in Zones 8 and 9. Well-irrigated, wet loamy soil and light shade are the key components to successfully cultivating this species. it is frequently in the trade and literature as Blechnum novae-zealandiae. (Note the erroneous a in zea.)

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