Camptosorus is reputedly the only scientific name shared by both a plant and animal (Mattei 2002) (although one must fudge a little bit on the spelling). Camptosaurus, which means "bent lizard," was a 15-ft. (4.5-m) long dinosaur of the Jurassic period some 150 million years ago. The Camptosorus (which actually translates to curved sorus) of today's fern world has an extended, narrow-tipped frond that certainly resembles a lizard's bent tail. It is frequently classified as Asplenium because of the common shape of their vascular bundles as well as the ability to hybridize with species from that genus. However, some botanists separate it because of the namesake curved sori and presence of netted veins versus the herringbone linear sori and free veins of Asplenium.

Worldwide there are two species, one in eastern North America and a counterpart in eastern Asia. They come easily from spores if protected from devastation by slugs and, of course, by nature they are tip-rooting so they form new plants by "walking."

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