Cheilanthes lendigera Beaded lip fern

Epithet means "with spikelets."

Evergreen, 6 to 15 in. (15 to 38 cm).Zones 8 to 10.

description: The rhizome creeps. Stipes are one-third of the frond length and brown with white hairs that are also on the undersurface of the beadlike pinnae segments. Scales, if any, are very few and their absence is a feature in identification. The tripinnate blades are triangular with 10 to 18 pairs of pinnae. This species is noted for its sizeable indusia that cover most of the undersides of the pinnules.

Cheilanthes lanosa with Rhodohypoxis in the Horder garden.

range and habitat: Cheilanthes lendigera is found on igneous rocks in the U.S. Southwest as well as Mexico and Central and South America.

culture and comments: Xeric experts have maintained this species in dry, rocky sites with attentive consideration given to drainage, air circulation, and protection from winter wet.

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