Cryptogramma stelleri Slender rock brake

Epithet is after naturalist George Steller who accompanied the

Bering expedition of 1741.

Deciduous, 3 to 7 in. (7.5 to 18 cm). Zones 2 to 5.

description: Unlike many Cryptogramma species, the rhizome of this species is long-creeping and the fronds are not tufted. Straw to greenish stipes are one-half the length of the pinnate-pinnatifid sterile fronds and more on the taller, bi-pinnate fertile fronds. Sori are enclosed in a false indusium of recurved pinnae margins.

range and habitat: A fern of rocky, shaded limestone habitats, this species is native to higher elevations in Siberia, china, Japan, Taiwan, the Himalayas, Europe, and highlands of eastern and western North America. it dies back in early to mid summer.

culture and comments: Like its brethren, slender rock brake does not submit to domestication and would be especially uncomfortable in warm summer areas. Admire it in the wild (if you can find it).

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