Diplazium sibericum

Synonym Athyrium crenatum

Epithet means "from Siberia."

description: The rhizome is long-creeping. Grooved stipes are scaly and ebony at the base and green above. They are one-half of the frond length. Triangular blades taper strongly at the tip and are bipinnate-pinnatifid with 10 to 15 pairs of pinnae that are somewhat hairy on the undersides. Sori with matching indusia are linear along the veins and may be back to back on the lowest pinnules.

range and habitat: This species is native to Russia, Siberia, Manchuria, China, the Himalayas, and Japan. The taller material is disjunct in Scandinavia where, "[s]teep rocky and narrow, forested river gorges, rich with the atmosphere of fairy tales and wood spirits, are the preferred habitats" (0llgaard and Tind 1993).

culture and comments: Illustrations of this species (from 0llgaard and Tind 1993) show a lovely bright green upright creeper. Given its provenance, it should easily adjust to cultivation in cold temperate gardens in light but moist acid soil, with partial shade. Its adaptability is questionable for long-term survival in muggy warm and humid summer sites.

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