Twin-sorus ferns

The genus name Diplazium comes from the Greek diplazios or diplazein, to double, in reference to the two-valved indu-sium that splits open on both sides of a vein. The definition "duplicate" is also applied, as the two sides are indeed mirror images. More than 400 species grow worldwide essentially in damp tropical jungles and forests. They are deciduous or, on occasion, evergreen, with upright rhizomes, once-pinnate to tripinnate blades on deeply grooved stipes with two curved vascular bundles and back-to-back paired sori. The grooves on the pinnae midribs connect continuously into those of the rachis like a merge at a highway interchange, thus separating the genus from Deparia. The over-40 crowd may find some familiar sounding names but recognize them as the athyriums (from which they are now separated based on the Diplazium sori which are usually bivalved rather than hooked or crescent-shaped as in Athyrium) of years past where indeed some may still be found. With their many variables, expect Diplazium to be split yet again in the future. All are easily propagated by division and/or spores.

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