Dryopteris arguta

Coastal wood fern, western wood fern

Epithet means "sharply toothed."

description: The rhizome is slowly short-creeping and produces dense clusters of fronds. The short green stipe is edged with brown scales and is about one-fifth of the frond length. The dark green pinnate-pinnatifid blade is lanceolate

Dryopteris arguta is a dependable evergreen Pacific Northwest native for acidic woodlands.

with 17 to 18 pairs of pointed pinnae. The sori with kidney-shaped indusia are medial.

range and habitat: Dryopteris arguta grows in open woods from British Columbia to Baja California with a disjunct population in Arizona. It is especially common under the native oak trees in Oregon's Willamette Valley.

culture and comments: The species is easily grown in moist acid soil in light shade and is welcome in maritime climates wherever a medium-sized evergreen is appropriate.

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