Dryopteris chinensis

Synonym Dryopteris subtripinnata Epithet means "from China."

Deciduous, 1 to 1V2 ft. (30 to 45 cm). Zones 5 to 8. Apogamous.

description: The rhizome is short-creeping to ascending, holding small fronds that are one-half scaly, green stipes and one-half triangular, basally tripinnate blades. The stalked lower pinnae are ovate while the remainder, also stalked, are lanceolate. The sori are small, submarginal, and covered with a kidney-shaped indusium.

range and habitat: This species grows on the forest floor as well as on walls in Manchuria, Korea, China, and Japan.

culture and comments: While cultivated in European gardens, this delicate fern is rarely available commercially in the united States. it should make an airy underplanting for weighty, evergreen broadleaved shrubs.

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