Dryopteris corleyi

Dryopteris aemula x D. oreades (the latter is also a parent of D. filix-mas).

Epithet is after British botanist Hugh Corley. Semievergreen, 2 ft. (60 cm). Zones 8 and 9.

description: The rhizome is ascending with fronds that are equal parts slightly scaly, tan to green stipe and lanceolate to narrowly triangular blade. The blade is bipinnate with 20 to 24 pairs of pinnae. The sori are medial and covered with kidney-shaped indusia. The overlapping genetic influence of D. oreades is displayed in the pinnae which are similar to those of D. filix-mas. The blade shape, however, differs from D. filix-mas, which narrows at the base while D. corleyi does not taper.

range and habitat: Only described in 1982, this species is exclusively spanish and prefers acid soil in humid areas near the Atlantic coast.

culture and comments: I have grown this for a number of years and do not find it particularly distinctive. It is, however, a problem-free selection and useful for those keeping a run

Comparison of the lower pinnae on the very similar fronds of (left to right) Dryopteris conjugata, D. cycadina, D. namegatae, D. pycnopteroides, and D. stenolepis.

ning tally of numbers of ferns in the garden's collection. Tuck it under a shrub.

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