Dryopteris Hybrids

With the plentiful worldwide distribution of temperate dry-opteris comes a cornucopia of hybrids. By nature (and chromosomes) most are sterile. Some of the fertile and even fewer of the sterile hybrids will be found in the main text. Most are rare but the following are among the best known.

From eastern North America (Mickel 1979, Montgomery 1982,1992) come Dryopteris celsax D. cristata, D. clintoniana x D. cristata, D. xdowellii (D. clintonianax D. intermedia), D. xleedsii (D. celsa x D. marginalis), D. xneo-wherryi (D. goldianax D. marginalis), D. xslossonae (D. cristatax D. marginalis), and D. xtriploidea (D. carthusiana x D. intermedia).

From Europe (Page 1982, Hegi 1984) come Dryopteris xambroseae (D. dilatata x D. expansa), D. xbrathaica (D. carthusiana x D.filix-mas), D. xdeweveri (D. carthusiana x D. dilatata), D. xmantoniae (D. filix-mas x D. oreades), D. xsar-doa (D. abbreviata x D. tyrrhena), D. xsarvelii (D. assimilis x D. carthusiana), D. xsjoegrenii (D. azorica x D. dilatata), and D. xtavelii (D. filix-mas x D. affinis agg.).

In addition I have listed some exotic combinations from Asia. These were selected because I would personally choose them as potentially hardy and glamorous additions to the garden when and if they become available. There are, of course, many others that are deserving of recognition especially from the Himalayas. From Japan (Iwatsuki et al. 1995) come Dryopteris xfujipedis (D. crassirhizoma x D. lacera), D. xgoten-baensis (D. hondoensis x D. uniformis), D. xhakonecola (D. dickinsii x D. uniformis), D. xkominatoensis (D. monticola x D. tokyoensis), D. xmituii (D. lacera x D. uniformis), D. xsug-ino-takaoi (D. lacera x D. polylepis), D. xtetsu-yamanakae (D. commixta x D. sieboldii), D. xtokudai (D. crassirhizoma x D. polylepis), D. xwakui (D. tokyoensis x D. lacera), D. xwatan-abei (D. crassirhizoma x D. uniformis), D. xyasuhikoana (D.

crassirhizoma x D. dickinsii), and D. xyuyamae (D. pyc-nopteroides x D. uniformis).

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