Dryopteris saxifraga

Synonym Dryopteris varia var. saxifraga Epithet means "breaking rocks, of rocky habitats." Evergreen, 1V2 to 2 ft. (45 to 60 cm). Zones 5 to 8. Apogamous.

description: The rhizome is erect and the fronds are one-third tan stipe with chocolate-colored scales. The ovate blade is bipinnate-pinnatifid with 12 to 14 pairs of warm green triangular pinnae. The sori are medial and covered with kidney-shaped indusia.

Soft green fronds of Dryopteris remota in the Bellevue Botanical Garden.

Dryopteris saxifraga at the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden.
Dryopteris scottii with its silhouette of broad pinnae in the Kennar garden.

range and habitat: Dryopteris saxifraga comes from rocky, mountainous habitats of Manchuria, Korea, and China and is especially common in Japan.

culture and comments: This species is relatively new in North American commerce and is an attractive addition to the partially shaded woodland from northern areas to Southern California. It appreciates good drainage but is not particular about soil types. The species is closely related botanically to Dryopteris bissetiana and differs in having light brown rather than brownish-black stipe scales and a flat green, more compact overall appearance.

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