Dryopteris tokyoensis

Tokyo wood fern

Epithet means "from Tokyo."

Deciduous, 11/2 to 3 ft. (45 to 90 cm).Zones 5 to 8.

description: The rhizome is erect, as is the structure of the fern. At one-sixth of the total length of the frond, the grooved stipes are significantly short. The lanceolate, light green blades

Dryopteris stewartii in the Kennar garden.

Dryopteris stewartii in the Kennar garden.

Light green fronds of Dryopteris sublacera growing in harmony with bold hosta leaves.

Strongly vertical fronds of Dryopteris tokyoensis at the Cornell Plantations gardens.
Red flowers of Heuchera surround the green fronds of Dryopteris uniformis in a mixed border.
Fertile frond with narrowed pinnae on Dryopteris uniformis.

Dryopteris varia in the Kohout garden. Note the narrowed frond apex.

Dryopteris varia in the Kohout garden. Note the narrowed frond apex.

are narrow and once-pinnate with 25 to 35 pairs of narrowly triangular, auricled pinnae. The sori are adjacent to the mid-veins and have kidney-shaped indusia.

range and habitat: Not surprisingly, this is a Japanese native with populations in wet acidic soil sites in China and Korea as well.

culture and comments: Here is the visual garden equivalent of a willowy ballerina "en pointe" with the slender arching fronds extending gracefully in a vertical reach. The plant is best displayed with a supporting cast of sturdy background leafy perennials, preferably evergreens. it is early deciduous and should be sited accordingly. it is not comfortable in or recommended for hot inland summer areas, but displays well in gardens in the heat-enriched Atlantic Coast.

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