Dryopteris yigongensis

Epithet is after Yigong, China.

Evergreen, 1 to 1V2 (30 to 45 cm). Zones (6) 7 and 8. Apoga-mous.

description: The rhizome is short and erect. The light brown stipe has dark, basal, ovate scales that diminish in numbers towards the rachis. The stipe is one-fourth to one-third of the length of the frond. The lanceolate blade flares in a graceful arch and tapers towards the base. The lower pinnae point slightly downwards. It is pinnate-pinnatifid to bipinnate with 15 to 20 pairs of lanceolate, pointed pinnae. The pinnules are stubby-edged with submedial sori covered with kidney-shaped indusia.

range and habitat: This species grows in high-altitude forests in the Himalayas and China.

culture and comments: Though rarely available commercially, here is a modest-sized fern to use as a landscaping substitute for Dryopteris wallichiana. With subdued peach-hued new growth, albeit missing the dominant sheath of sinister scales, it is ornamental and content in light shade and woodland soil. once established, it is drought tolerant as well as better adapted to extremes of temperatures.

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