What a pleasure it is to write about these interesting ferns and what a contrast they offer to cultivation from continent to continent. Internationally there are approximately 40 species, mostly tropical, ranging from the almost-impossible-to-culti-vate temperate Lygodium palmatum to the almost-impossi-ble-to-eradicate L. microphyllum. Lygodium comes from the Greek lygodes, flexible or willow-like, in reference to the vine-forming habit of the fronds. And viney they are with sterile foliage capable of twining to 100 ft. (30 m). The rhizomes are short-creeping. Stipes with a singular vascular bundle extend into long, usually bipinnate blades. Fertile fronds are an extension of the sterile, and have smaller pinnae edged with beadlike sori holding two rows of sporangia. Spores are green

(or sometimes translucent) and need to be sown immediately upon ripening. The entire structure ropes around whatever is available for support but is easily trained on uprights.

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