Polypodium calirhiza

Polypodium californicum x P. glycyrrhiza. Epithet from cali, short for P. californicum, and rhiza, short for P. glycyrrhiza, in reference to the parental ancestry of this hybrid.

Wintergreen (summer dormant), 6 to 16 in. (15 to 40 cm). Zone 8.

description: The creeping rhizome is reputed to have an acrid to slightly sweet flavor. The slender, light green stipes are up to one-half of the frond length. Pinnatifid blades with 8 to 16 pairs of serrate pinnae are lanceolate and, of significance, wider just above the base. sori are closer to the midrib than the margin, oval, and without indusia. Polypodium calirhiza has the serrate margins of P. californicum and the tapered segment tips of P. glycyrrhiza.

range and habitat: This fertile hybrid prefers the coastal habitats of northern California and southern Oregon where it is found on rock faces, but only very rarely as an epiphyte.

culture and comments: Polypodium calirhiza is not particular about soil types and is more easily established in gardens than P. californicum (with which it is readily, and quite

Emerging fronds of Polypodium californicum. Photo by Harry Olsen.

reasonably, confused). It needs light duff, good light, and drainage rather than rich and/or heavy compost.

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