Polystichum craspedosorum

Epithet means "fringed sori."

description: The rhizome is erect and the stipes, with warm-brown scales, proportionately small. The linear-lanceolate once-pinnate blades feature an extended whiplike rachis that will tip root, depositing progeny well away from the competition of its parent. To enhance the proliferous inclination, the fronds are held in horizontal whorls. Twenty to thirty pairs of stalked, au-ricled pinnae bear sori with peltate indusia along the margins.

range and habitat: This species prefers shaded rocky slopes and cliffs in the cold of Siberia, Korea, China, and Japan.

culture and comments: Polystichum craspedosorum likes lime and is a desirable little munchkin for pampering in rock garden situations in cool shade. unfortunately, it is not readily available so it is time for all of those tip roots to walk their way into cultivation.

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