Polystichum deltodon

Epithet means "deltoid, triangular in outline." Evergreen, 8 in. (20 cm). Zones 6 to 8.

description: The rhizome is erect and the deeply grooved stipe, which is one-fourth of the frond length, has an occa

The low-growing Polystichum deltodon serves as a reliable foreground evergreen with kindred shade lovers.

sional appressed tan scale. Blades are lanceolate, once-pinnate with 15 to 18 pairs of chubby, leathery pinnae. Sori with peltate indusia are marginal. This species can be confused with Polystichum acutidens.

range and habitat: Polystichum deltodon grows in the low mountain forests of Japan, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines, frequently on limestone.

culture and comments: Jim Horrocks of Salt Lake City, Utah, introduced this species to U.S. culture. It has been a stalwart favorite in his Zone 6 garden and been reliable in gardens across the United States from Seattle, Washington, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have my plant in shade and soil that is not enriched with limestone. This fern produces an abundance of spores, but they do not germinate with great enthusiasm.

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