Selaginella involvens

Tree spikemoss

Synonym Selaginella caulescens

Epithet means "enveloping."

description: The rhizome creeps, bearing upright "frondlike" spikes of dense, overlapping needlelike leaves that are more scaly than leafy. The lower portion of the mahogany-colored stem is without foliage for one-fourth to one-half of the "frond" length. upper portions have widely spaced alternate branches.

range and habitat: This is native to tropical Asia, China, Japan, and Korea where Flora of Japan (Iwatsuki et al. 1995) reports that it grows in mud, on rocks, and in moss on tree trunks.

culture and comments: Material in commerce in the United States forms a small arboreal-like decoration in partial shade and loose soil. It is slightly more difficult to establish than the comparably upright Selaginella braunii.

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