Selaginella uncinata Peacock fern

Epithet means "hooked, barbed."

Subevergreen to evergreen, prostrate. Zones 6 to 10.

description: Creeping and branching stems create extended mats of stubby overlapping segments of iridescent electric-blue to blue-green foliage. The plant roots easily as it travels about.

range and habitat: Although native to China, this species has escaped in the southeastern tier of the united states. it needs moist shade.

culture and comments: While it is generally recommended for Zone 6 and up, peacock fern can be temperamental and regularly disintegrates in the wet winters of the Pacific Northwest or excessive heat elsewhere in the range. Let it skim the surface in light soil. A happy planting is a striking contribution

Selaginella Blue Green

Shade-enhanced red foliage mingles with the green on Selaginella erythropus.

of blue foliage and well worth the pampering required for getting it established as a unique and eye-catching ground cover.

Selaginella wallacei Wallace's spikemoss Epithet is after Wallace.

Evergreen, prostrate to 3 in. (7.5 cm). Zones 6 to 9.

description: Fleshy (in moist sites) monomorphic leaves in whorls of four are tightly compressed into twiggy creeping branches with pointed tips.

range and habitat: This species ambles about on exposed rocks or in moist moss in western Canada and the Pacific Northwest down to northern california.

culture and comments: A very variable plant, it is compact in exposed sites and more long ranging in moist shade. it will curl up in drought but recover when rehydrated. I have one happily planted in full sun as a container companion with the xeric Cheilanthes gracillima. In moist shade it is easily established as a slowly spreading ground cover and combines well with native ferns such as small polypodies.

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