Shorter Notes

Arachniodes mutica (blunt) is a 2-ft. (60-cm) evergreen with black-scaled stipes and rachises. The broadly ovate, tri-pinnate blades are kelly-green above and paler beneath. While the lower innermost pinnules are extended as is typical for this genus, they are not so prominent as in other arachniodes. The species is native to eastern Russia and Korea, and is common in the humus-rich understories of beech and conifer forests in Japan. Zone 6 German gardeners have successfully added it to their collections. Given its native distribution, it should be hardy in shade in at least Zones 6 to 8.

Arachniodes webbianum (after Philip Barker Webb, 1793-1854, a collector in Portugal) is from Madeira and surviving nicely in Zone 9 central England. Shiny, open-growing, triangular 2-ft. (60-cm) fronds are evergreen and bipinnate to tripinnate. This species should do well in coastal california and possibly along the seaside in the Gulf states.

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