Synonym Asplenium trichomanesramosum Epithet means green

description: The rhizome is erect. The stipes of one-fourth to one-half of the frond length are green. Linear blades are once-pinnate with 10 to 18 pairs of rich green rounded pinnae. Sori and indusia are linear with few pairs per pinnae.

range and habitat: Circumpolar in distribution and exclusive to limestone, this species is more likely to be encountered by rock climbers rappelling down cliffs than it is for the diligent fern enthusiast in search of the rare spleenwort. It was separated from its classification as Asplenium trichomanes in 1561 and named A. viride200 years later in 1762.

culture and comments: Attractive and challenging best describe this species for its potential in cultivation. it has been brought under control in a few Seattle-area gardens, but needs continued attention to maintain an alkaline soil, which is regularly flushed and cleansed by winter rains. Designer container culture with customized soil offers the best chance for a successful long-term display.

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