Arachidonic acid

Figure 10.5 Nonenzymatic metabolism of arachidonic acid to F-2 Isoprostanes.

hydroperoxides [e234 = 29,500 (mol/L)1 cm1] (82,83). The total oxidation in the LDL can be measured spectrofluorometrically by extracting the lipid phase and drying it under nitrogen, then resuspending it in chloroform (84—86). This chloroform extract of the lipid phase is subjected to 360 nm excitation and 430 nm emission, and the results are expressed as units of relative fluorescence per milligram of LDL (84—86). The lipid peroxide content can be estimated fluorometrically by the formation of TBARS and expressed as nanomoles of malondialdehyde equivalents per milligram of LDL (84-86).

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