Box 73 New Zealand Milk Products unveils whey protein isolates

To meet the growing interest in and demand for whey protein isolates, New Zealand Milk Products will be introducing the whey of the future at IFT (Institute of Food Technologists' Annual Meeting): ALACEN Whey Protein Isolates.

ALACEN Whey Protein Isolates are more than 90% high-purity protein, with less than 1% fat. In addition to superb nutrition, they provide excellent functionality - complete solubility plus acid and heat stability with a bland flavour. Clear RTD beverages benefit from ALACEN Whey Protein Isolates' unique transparency in solution, and foods requiring stringent nutritional labelling benefit from the WPI's low fat and low lactose levels. The instant versions of ALACEN Whey Protein Isolates are ideal for applications such as dry-mix beverages.

Source: Adapted from New Zealand Milk Products NEWZ.

Development was continued into both product quality and manufacturing improvements. It came from the technical product and process developments, which continued, and was augmented by comment and experience from customers. A reliable product was built up, with a good market. Whey protein isolate has continued to be a successful major product. As well as being the first of other specialised whey products for the New Zealand Dairy Board, it has, as an ingredient, itself made possible new and innovative products for many beverage and food manufacturers.

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