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1. Collaboration in the core project team gives a synergy which produces outcomes that exceed the capabilities of the individuals in the team (Jassawalla and Sashittal, 1998). Discuss the types of collaboration that you have observed in core product development teams and how these have affected both the efficiency of the project and the effectiveness of the outcomes.

2. From your experience, what characteristics of the core team and of the individuals affect the level of collaboration?

3. Collaboration between the core team and the supporting team in the functional departments gives a company-wide thrust to product development. The level of this collaboration depends on company organisational factors such as the priority that senior management gives to product development and the level of autonomy afforded to participants in the PD Process. Discuss the level of collaboration in product development in your company, and how organisational change and also changes in the attitudes of individuals might raise the level of collaboration.

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