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Chilled salmon is being developed in New Zealand for marketing in Europe. The salmon are grown in the same environment in the clean seawater of the Sounds in New Zealand, eating the same food, so their quality is consistent. They are harvested in a rested state (anaesthetised before harvesting), so the flavour and texture during storage are assured. They are packed in a regulated gas atmosphere in special packs to slow down the ageing process in the chilled fish. The aim is to send the salmon by sea which will take 60 days; but there is a need to test the market before the final development of the package and containers. The fish will be flown to Europe for the test market.

1. Discuss the problems in test marketing this chilled product which is to be sold in supermarkets.

2. Describe how a test market could be set up in one supermarket. Which country and which type of supermarket could be used?

3. How long would a test market need to run to give a reliable prediction of sales?

4. Outline how consumers buying the product could be surveyed and what information would be asked from them.

5. How would you relate the product to the competing products?

6. If the test market is successful, what problems do you identify in organising a product launch?

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