We thank A. Bello, P.F. Berne, J.P. Guilloteau, A. Hasnain, R. Jenkins, S. Maignan, S. Michiels, V. Mikol, F. Parker, M. Robin, P. Sédivy, A. Selingue, L. Tahraoui, B. Tocqué, J.Y. Crenne, N. Michot, and M. Vuilhorgne for their active contributions to the accomplishment of this work. We also thank N. Baudouy, S. Beaudoin, L. Bertin, S. Blais, R. Boulay, G. Baudry, S. Caillon, S. d'Heilly, S. Galiné, C. Gobert, S. Gontier, N. Grevet, G. Leclerc, M. LeRoux, L. Maestrali, C. Martinez, S. Monget, S. Perron, O. Petitgenet, A. Renaud, B. Sanz, D. Sévère and C. Souder for their expert technical assistance. The financial support of the Bioavenir program is also gratefully acknowledged.

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