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plants often prepare them as powdered snuffs. Users of the isolated, black-market chemical either smoke it or, less frequently, inject it intramuscularly.

A typical DMT snuff of South America is yopo, used by tribes of the Amazonian forests. It is made from the resin of a huge iungle tree, cooked down, dried, and pounded into a fine powder which the men blow forcefully into each other's noses through long tubes. Taken in this way, yopo causes a very intense intoxication beginning within seconds but lasting only thirty minutes or less. While under its influence, Indians dance, sing, and sec visions of gods and spirits.

Black-market DMT is usually a brown solid that smells like mothballs; users place tiny bits of it in the ends of joints made with marijuana, mint, or oregano in order to smoke it. Sometimes, a single inhalation of such a joint will be sufficient to initiate a five- to ten-minute trip of remarkable intensity. The effect may begin before a person can remove the joint from his lips and

South American Indians using a DMT-containing snuff. (R. E. Schultes)

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