Lose Weight Fast

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This package of diet capsules emphasizes that the product contains "no stimulants."

The sole active ingredient is market as Dexamyl to gullible buyers. Older and more straightfor-phenylpropanolamine, a ward products are Vivarin and No-Doz, in the form of simple stimulant. white tablets. If these products are more effective than coffee or tea, it is only because people believe in pills.

OTC Downers

A variety of products are available in drugstores to reduce anxiety during the day (Compoz, for example) or promote sleep at night (Nytol, Sominex). They are widely used as nonprescription analogs of the stronger minor tranquilizers and sleeping pills. All of them contain antihistamines, usually pyrilamine or doxylamine. As we have pointed out, these chemicals are not innocuous and tend to affect mental function in unpleasant ways. They will make people drowsy but can produce depression as well and can be habit-forming.

We favor less toxic remedies for insomnia, such as increased exercise during the day decreased use of stimulants, especially in the evening (remember to read labels of any pain pills, cold tablets, and other remedies to see if they contain caffeine or other stimulants), relaxation techniques, warm baths, and simple nutritional supplements such as calcium and magnesium tablets, which relax many people when taken at bedtime.


Although nonnarcotic pain relievers do not directly affect the mind, they can change moods dramatically by decreasing discomfort and so can be habit-forming. The common OTC analgesics, such as aspirin and acetaminophen (Tylenol), are effective remedies for occasional use, but when pain persists, people should seek to identify and treat the causes rather than rely on these drugs. Some analgesic compounds contain caffeine solely for its stimulant and mood-elevating effects.

OTC drugs are big business and are not regulated in the same way as prescription drugs. Manufacturers can get them on the market without doing much to prove their effectiveness, can deempha-size their adverse effects, and can make outrageous claims in their advertising. Most people assume that the products heaped on drugstore counters are mild but effective, nontoxic, and nonad-dictive. Those are not safe assumptions. Anyone who uses OTC drugs should know what they contain and how they affect the body and mind.

Herbal Remedies

keepsyou going

when the going gets rough.

With increasing interest in alternatives to regular medicine, the marketing of herbal remedies and medicinal plants has boomed. Most health food stores have herb departments, and some of the products they sell are even appearing in drugstores and supermarkets. Many are just pleasant herbal teas, such as peppermint and chamomile, without significant drug effects, but a few are really psychoactive. In Chapter 6, we discussed guaraná, maté, yohimbe, and ephedra, all stimulants.

A plant with the opposite effect is valerian; its root is a strong natural sedative that does not depress vital functions or cause the kind of dependence that sleeping pills do. Preparations of valerian root, including tinctures and capsules, are obtainable at health food stores. Valerian has a strange, musty odor that some people find disagreeable, but it is easy to take as a capsule or tincture and does work. For people who need nighttime sedatives, it is probably a better choice than more dangerous, synthetic drugs.

Kava, or kava-kava, is another herbal depressant whose effect is of a more general anesthetic nature than a sedative. It is the root of a large tropical plant related to black pepper and cultivated on many islands of the South Pacific. Natives there make drinks from fresh or dried kava root and consume them as ritual and social drugs. Preparations of the fresh root are more powerful,

* active ingredient is caffeine. It's like having two cups of coffee squeezed into one little tablet.

Whether you're studying, driving, or working late.you'll stay alert for hours.

This ad for caffeine in tablet form appeared in several women's magazines.

NowY)u Can Have A HighTime EvenThough¥)ure Dieting.

M.inv Anicnc.in.sare just rv«. Jtscowinga fxmwhil vet safe herb from South America that natives have used f< * centuries to obtain many henefits.

Its called guaraña, and among its tixM holpnil effects is its ,iKlit\ 1.1 suppress hunger. IK- C iiiarana 800 Diet is the- most fun yixiH ever haw losing weight Hie Indians ot Rr.cil am) Vfeneueb learned that guaraña not only eliminated hunger. Kit ais» > made them feel lesstatigucsl and nv te men-rally alert.

In oilier w*ds. guaraña produces a natural nigh -even while making yu feci less like eating.

Thar's a hard-to-hew corn-Knatiori when Mxi're trying to It wi-u^it

Vi'ith Guaraña SCO, you get the Knetirs. it amphetamine", withmt the dinger* xis and unple.ts.int side effects > * ner-wiusncss, pussiHe addiction and depress! ng letik miv fcle-vate your rrHxxJ while depressing \xHJr weight. At the same time Guaraña íW depresses w «ir ik-site k t tood. it elevates \*xir ist-r-

alt nhssl.

It produce a sense (if euphi >na and even pn vides more energy.

In essence, guaraña induces a cocaine-like lift

One famous herHiIlst has written that guaranme - the pnnciple active ingredient in

guaraña ■ has the vime chemical compostrum .is caffeine and cocaine, as wvll as the same phvsK»logieal actions.

Satisfied umts art eating Itsss. And enjoying everything else more.

A wvil-krKiwn New \itrk phi >t. igrapher is vvr\ high. m the herb's abilities: "Guarana gives me .1 definite iip of en-etgv. I teel mellow and laid Kick. Kit I have extra strength all day."

A popular rnvelist says. "( iuararia reminded me a little of-peed.

"It has a definite hu= and hurst energv, Kit tv< cr.ish at all "

Guanina 8iX? is ctwtipletely oriiinic and harmless: it's on the FDA. list of substances i^en-erallv recognu*\l to he sale. Its got the appetite-eliminating benefits amphetamines without the undesirable side effects; it elevates yimr nvxsl. increases mental alertness and gives added stamina.

So this time wbile you're trying to lose wvighr, do something different: lake C iiiarana «00 aixl have a high rime.

Guarana 800.The Happy High Diet.

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