To Be Psychoactive

Many medical drugs have mental effects that are ignored by doctors who prescribe them. Often, these effects are listed as "side effects" in the fine-print information that manufacturers include

(Used with permission of and copyright by Merck, Sharp & Dohme. This ad appeared originally in 1968, and the summary information is not current)

Throughout junior high school and high school I suffered from bad hay fever. My family doctor prescribed antihistamines for me. They definitely worked, but they made me feel so bad. Finally, I came to prefer the hay fever. I was happier sneezing than being so depressed and logy. Once, while in college, I took a twenty-five-milligram tablet of Thorazine and I was amazed at how similar the effect was to the antihistamines. I hate that feeling. I managed to get rid of most of my allergies by changing my diet and lifestyle. I haven't taken an antihistamine in years. — thirty-eight-year-old man, musician with drugs. Sometimes patients find the side effects more prominent than the main effects.

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