Anthroposophy Doctrine Of

Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner (18611925) developed this spiritualistic or mystical doctrine that emphasized the psychological and educational values derived from including creative activities in educational curricula -

such as exposing the individual to mythology and the types of myth-making that were popular in earlier eras of human existence. The doctrine of anthroposophy contains elements that are similar to the tenets of theosophy (literally, "knowledge of divine things;" a religious, or semi-religious, set of occult beliefs rejecting Judeo-Christian revelation and theology, often incorporating aspects of Buddhism and Brahmanism, and held to be based on a special mystical insight or on superior speculation), also founded by Steiner in the early 1900s. See also JUNG'S THEORY OF PERSONALITY. REFERENCE

Steiner, R. (1947). Knowledge of the higher worlds and its attainment. 3rd ed. New York: Anthroposophic Press.


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