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The American cognitive psychologist, economist, and philosopher Herbert Alexander Simon (1916-2001) and the cognitive/computer scientist Edward A. Feigenbaum (1936- ) proposed and developed this unified theory simulating perception and memory called EPAM ("elementary perceiver and memo-rizer") in 1959, which is a computer program that explains behavior in a number of experimental paradigms, including the classical experimental domain of verbal memory, and learning to categorize stimuli. Thus, EPAM -as a computer simulation of human perceptual, recognition, and memory processes, and the symbolic structures that support them -has been successful in predicting a large range of experimental/empirical findings about human perception, verbal and concept learning, and short-term and long-term memory. The most recent version of this model is called EPAM IV and has been adapted to handle short- and long-term memory tasks as well as expert memory tasks. The major current modifications include a retrieval structure, or a long-term memory schema, created by the expert's learning operations and complemented by the addition of an associative search process in long-term memory. See also ADAPTIVE CONTROL OF THOUGHT THEORY/MODEL; INFORMATION AND INFORMATION-PROCESSING THEORY; SHORT-TERM AND LONG-TERM MEMORY, THEORIES OF. REFERENCES

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