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GENERAL THEORY OF VERBAL HUMOR. = semantic script theory of humor. In language-based research on humor, Salvatore Attardo and Victor Raskin propose a general theory of verbal humor as represented, psy-cholinguistically, by verbal jokes, puns, and the relationship between the linguistic form and content of humorous texts. According to this approach, jokes may be analyzed in terms of their formal/semantic degrees of similarity and difference; also, various "knowledge resources" (such as "script opposition" and "logical mechanism") may be placed in a hierarchical organization on the basis of logical binary relations of dependence, the content-and tool-related nature of knowledge resources, and hypothesized perception concerning the degree of similarity among jokes or humor stimuli. The general theory of verbal humor has been compared favorably, in particular, with the more traditional incongruity-resolution models of humor where the notions of "script opposition" and "logical mechanism" correspond, respectively, to the "incongruity phase" and the "resolution phase" in the older models. See also COGNITIVE THEORIES OF HUMOR; HUMOR, THEORIES OF; INCONGRUITY AND INCONSISTENCY THEORIES OF HUMOR; INCONGRUITY-RESOLUTION THEORIES.

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Conquering Fear In The 21th Century

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