Model Of Time In Adolescents

This model for qualitative logic analysis in adolescents is based on the Newtonian concept of "absolute" or "physical" time. In this approach, within a psychological context, children's cognitive development is viewed as alternating between structurally stable and unstable cognitive systems where consistency or inconsistency of general and referred knowledge provides the foundation for the model of time in adolescents. See also DEVELOPMENTAL THEORY; TIME, THEORIES OF. REFERENCE

Crepault, J. (1983). Models, reasoning, and notion of time in adolescents. Cahiers de Psychologie Cognitive, 3, 387-392.

Brain Training Improving Your Memory

Brain Training Improving Your Memory

For as much as we believe we train our brains and give them a good workout, we seldom actually do it on a regular basis. In most cases, our brains are not used in a balanced way. We're creatures of habit. We find a way to do things that we consider comfortable and we seldom change our ways.

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