Monotypic Evolution Theory


MONTAGUE'S THEORY OF TIME PERCEPTION. The American psychologist W. Montague (1904) formulated a theory of time perception that - although dependent on a rather artificial view of consciousness -marked a new stage at the turn of the 20th century in the analysis of time by its conception of time as change, by a revised account of the "specious present" (of William James) as the relation of old content to new content, and of the elaboration of "recognition" as the resultant of a "two-fold specious present" (cf., Dunlap, 1904). See also FRAISSE'S THEORY OF TIME; JAMES' TIME THEORY; TIME, THEORIES OF. REFERENCES

Dunlap, K. (1904). Time. Psychological Bulletin, 1, 363-365. Montague, W. (1904). A theory of time-perception. American Journal of Psychology, 115, 1-14.


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