The Murmur of Pulmonary Stenosis with Tetralogy of Fallot

1. What is meant by a severe tetralogy of Fallot?

ANS: It refers to the presence of severe PS.

2. How does the severity of the PS affect the duration and loudness of the murmur in tetralogy? How does this differ from the PS murmur if the septum is intact?

ANS: In tetralogy there are two outlets for RV ejection. Therefore, the greater the PS, the more goes out the aorta and the softer and shorter will be the ejection murmur. If the septum is intact, the greater the PS, the louder and longer is the murmur.

Note: Amyl nitrite inhalation will soften the murmur of tetralogy but will increase the murmur of PS with an intact septum.

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