The S4s1 Interval And Severity Of Dysfunction

1. What is the relationship between the S4-Sj interval and the severity of the loss of compliance present?

ANS: The shorter the P-S4 interval the more severe is the loss of compliance [6]. This means that the longer the S4-S1 interval, the more severe is the loss of compliance.

The longer the S4-Sj interval, the greater is the loss of compliance of the LV (provided the P-R interval is not prolonged) and usually the louder is the S4.

2. How does the S4-S1 interval affect S4 and S1 loudness?

ANS: a. The earlier the S4, the louder it becomes.

Note: By electrical pacing of dogs' atria it has been shown that the earlier in diastole the atrium contracts, the more powerfully it contracts, so long S4-S1 intervals result in a more energetic ventricular contraction than do short S4-S1 intervals. b. As the S4 moves farther from the S1, the S1 becomes softer.

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