This player has an excellent full swing and control of the club. It is difficult to tell from this perspective, but it is likely this player keeps the club in a stable swing plane. The swing has an appropriate range of motion since the backswing terminates with the club virtually horizontal. The player has a good weight shift, hip and trunk twist, and a firm forward leg late in the swing. The follow-through is fine. The two technique points that are difficult to judge from the video (and from the figure) are the Coordination of the swing and the quality of the impact and shot trajectory (Optimal Projection). In short, this particular player has several strengths that suggest she has an excellent golf swing. A good golf coach would be aware of the massive amount of research on the golf swing (Neal & Wilson, 1985; Sprigings & Neal, 2000; Williams & Sih, 2002). There are no obvious

Figure 10.4. The long iron swing of a prospective golf recruit.

warning signs, but a complete diagnosis of this golf swing is difficult to obtain from a single video.

It is possible that the tape was edited to show only the best swings for many shots. To fully diagnose this golf swing, you clearly need to know about impact and shot trajectory relative to the intended target. The sound of the impact might suggest that the ball is well hit; only observation of the ball's flight relative to the intended target will provide clues as to the player's potential and the many subtleties that set high-level golfers apart. A nearly perfect golf swing that strikes the ball with the club face angled away from the target or off-center can produce very poor golf shots. A good golf coach using video for qualitative analysis would get views from several vantage points and gather information on the flight of the ball. This distance and direction information can be written or in recorded form on the audio track of the video. Only an integrated qualitative analysis of all these factors over many strokes would allow the coach to correctly judge this player's potential.

Note how a diagnosis of possible strengths and weaknesses is severely limited when all we have is a single view of a golf swing. Remember that the biomechan-ical principles related to the golf swing also must be integrated with other kinesiology disciplines. This player might have a flawless swing in practice that turns rough and unpredictable under psychological pressure. If this player's tournament results are good, the coach might invest time talking to their high school coach and plan a trip to see them in action.

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