Figure 9.3. A physical education student batting a ball from a tee. Time between images is 0.1 seconds.

abbreviated follow-through means that the hitter is slowing down the bat before impact. Skilled striking involves generating peak velocity at impact, delaying negative accelerations until that point (Knudson & Bahamonde, 2001). The force-time and range-of-motion principles also imply that a short follow-through may increase the risk of injury since the peak forces slowing the movement must be larger. Since the follow-through is an important strategy for minimizing the risk of injury in many movements, the physical educator should rate this intervention ahead of adjusting the preparatory (stride) range of motion. Once the student gets comfortable swinging through the ball, they may have more bat speed at impact, and might be more willing to reduce their stride and weight shift when hitting pitched balls. More recent research on baseball batting has focused on differ ences in various bats (Greenwald, Penna, & Crisco, 2001) and hitting from both sides of the plate (McLean and Reeder, 2000). The next section provides an example of diagnosis using biomechanical principles in basketball shooting.

Dealing With Back Pain

Dealing With Back Pain

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