Applications of Biomechanics in Qualitative Analysis

The personal trainer depicted here is using the principles of biomechanics to qualitatively analyze the exercise technique of his client. Biomechanical principles must be integrated with other kinesiology sciences in the qualitative analysis of human movement. The chapters in part IV provide guided examples of applying biomechan-ics in qualitative analysis for several kinesi-ology professions: physical education, coaching, strength and conditioning, and sports medicine. A variety of guided examples and questions for discussion are presented. The lab activities related to part IV provide students with opportunities to integrate biomechanical principles with other subdisciplines of kinesiology in the qualitative analysis of human movement. A sample table with the principles of bio-mechanics for qualitative analysis can be found in Appendix E.

chapter 9

Applying Biomechanics in Physical Education

Physical educators teach a wide variety of human movements, and biomechanics provides a rationale critical for evaluating technique and prescribing intervention to help young people improve. Biomechanics also allows physical educators to identify exercises and physical activities that contribute to the physical development of various muscle groups and fitness components. This chapter illustrates how biomechanical knowledge and the nine principles of bio-mechanics can be integrated with other sport sciences in qualitative analysis of human movement. Five skills commonly taught in physical education are discussed, and the various tasks of qualitative analysis (Knudson & Morrison, 2002) are emphasized in the examples. Real movement performances and typical teaching cues are used to show how biomechanics is applied to real-world physical education. Qualitative analysis is a critical evaluative and diagnostic skill that can be employed for improvement of movement in physical education.

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