Review Questions

1. What are the major anatomical terms used in kinesiology and medicine to describe the position and motion of the body?

2. What structural and functional properties of muscle cells are different from other body cells?

3. How do fiber properties and arrangement affect force and range-of-mo-tion potential of a muscle?

4. Name and define the three kinds of muscle actions.

5. What are the two major sources of muscle tension, and where in the range of motion are they most influential?

6. Explain the Hill three-component model of muscle and how the components relate to the sources of muscle tension.

7. What is an example of the Force- Motion Principle in human movement?

8. Why is the mechanical method of muscle action analysis used in functional anatomy inadequate to determine the actions of muscles in human movement?

9. How does biomechanics help kinesi-ology professionals understand the causes and potential improvement of human movement?

10. What factors should a kinesiologist consider when defining the appropriate range of motion for a particular movement?

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