Antral Peristalsis

- Fig. 2.42 Peristalticwaves

The endoscope tip is at the approximate center ofthe air-filled stomach, in the junctional region between the body and antrum (a). Observe the rosettelike appearance ofthe contracted pylorus at the center ofthe image. As the rosette pattern dissolves, the next peristalticwave appears at upper left in the image (b). The concentric waves propagate from the periphery ofthe image (the distal body) to the pylorus (c-f). The next contraction appears injust 15 seconds (g). It moves toward the pylorus (h, i), where it produces the same appearance as in the initial image (j and a). The time between a and j is 29 seconds. Irregularities in the peristaltic constrictions maysignifyintramural pathology

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