PEJ, Special Cases, and Complications during Tube Placement - 166


Duodenal Tube Placement: Technique (1) - 16S


Duodenal Tube Placement: Technique (3) - 17C

Upper Gastrointestinal Stenoses, Malignant Strictures - 171

Benign Stenoses - 172

Upper Gastrointestinal Stenoses: Dilation Methods - 173

Upper Gastrointestinal Stenoses: incision, Self-Expanding Stents - 174

Upper Gastrointestinal Stenoses: Intubation, Laser Treatment - 175

Upper Gastrointestinal Stenoses:

Coagulation and Botulinum Toxin - 176

Chromoendoscopy: Lugol Solution - 177


Methylene Blue - 17S

Chromoendoscopy: Indigo Carmine, Uses of Vital Stains - 179

Fluorescent Endoscopy and Magnification Endoscopy - 1SC

Enteroscopy - 1S1

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