Polypoid Lesions Elster Glandular Cysts and Hyperplastic Polyps

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m Elster Glandular Cysts

Elster glandular cysts are among the most common polypoid lesions found in the stomach. They occur only in the gastric body and fundus and are often multiple. They do not grow and do not undergo malignant transformation.

Endoscopic diagnostic criteria (Fig. 3.98)

► Occur only in the gastric body and fundus

► Smooth, glassy, glistening

► Differential diagnosis

► Very typical appearance

Checklist for endoscopic evaluation


Usually the diagnosis can be established endoscopically. Elster glandular cysts are easily removed in toto with biopsy forceps. They are considered a harmless incidental finding.

m Hyperplastic Polyps

Hyperplastic polyps are relatively common and are found throughout the stomach, with a predilection for the gastric body. They may be single or multiple and are usually no larger than 1 cm. Generally they show no growth tendency. They probably do not undergo malignant transformation in the gastric body, but there is a slightly increased risk of cancer developing elsewhere in the stomach.

Endoscopic diagnostic criteria (Fig. 3.99)

► Occur in the gastric body and antrum

► Solitary or multiple

► Spheroidal, sessile, occasionally pedunculated

► Mucosa usually appears normal, may be erythematous; small erosions sometimes occur

Differential diagnosis

► Adenomatous polyp

Checklist for endoscopic evaluation


The diagnosis is established by histological examination.

Fig. 3.98a, b Elster glandular cysts
Fig. 3.99a, b Gastric polyps

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