End Limiting Beliefs Review

End Limiting Beliefs

Have you heard about limiting beliefs? If yes! Did you really belief they exist or they are such like a kind of myth? But are you aware they can be really affecting your life, real bad? Or you know but don’t have the idea how to tackle them, the way to end these limiting beliefs? Just for you that doesn’t know what limiting beliefs are?

What they are.

Limiting beliefs are those which oblige us somehow. Just by trusting and accepting them, we don't think, do or say the things that they hinder. What's more, in doing as such we indirectly devastate our lives. We may have convictions about rights, obligations, capacities, consents etc. They are regularly about ourselves and our self- character. These beliefs might likewise be about other individuals and the world by and large. Regardless, they tragically confine and limit us.

 The devil within

Probably you are having the ideas now that you know and may be under these limiting beliefs or you probably know them before to be negatively affecting your life. If you concur and agree with me that they are the devil within, the hindrance from the inside destroying your and eating you up slowly, there is a message for you and an important one for that matter.

The categories

But don’t be surprise as to see a lot of people clueless, uninformed as to how these limiting beliefs are depriving them of long term happiness and unending joy. Still a small number of the entire population is conscious of the existence of these beliefs. And the most damaging part is that some people are aware of the existence of these beliefs and they don’t mind the loss that has been incurred as a result of these beliefs and still have no clue as to what’s to be done. I have been in almost all of the categories mentioned above one time or the other. And I want to believe you are in at least one of the categories.

Limiting beliefs are real and they reside within us and if care is not taken, the level of damage could be vital, cost us our destiny, future and ambition. I know how unhappy I was when I estimated the havoc and damage they’ve caused before an end what put to them.

Knowledge through books

Let me quickly call your attention to knowledge through books and solution to your problems through continuous learning. Many of us after graduating from college, we hardly read any book even in the area of our profession throughout a year. And people that do, hardly read a book more than chapter two. There is power and strength in reading and learning and you can’t imagine how many knowledge and solutions to your problems that lies in those books.

I will like to introduce you to a solution packed book that can put an end to all your limiting beliefs. It a book authored by a well-know, an experienced Hypnotherapist, Steve G. Jones.

About the Author

Dr. Steve G. Jones is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with over two decades of experience in hypnotherapy, an expert with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a Master's Degree in Education, and a Doctorate in Education. He is a Hypnotherapist that has handled countless cases of hypnosis all over the world including cases like people who want to stop drinking alcohol, lose weight, stop smoking, or gain confidence. And others include business men who want to improve their motivating skill and income; also, singles looking for partner, insomniacs desiring proper sleep, and actors desiring more confidence for their audition and lot more.

Why you go for this book

I think the main reason you need to go for this is for you to end your limiting beliefs or

Don’t you feel you deserve some things and better things in life than now?

Don’t you think you need change but you are afraid of changing because of uncertainty?

Don’t you feel you need to try something new but you are afraid of what people will say if you fail?

Aren’t you afraid of trusting the people around you?

Aren’t you afraid of sharing your views, ideas because you believe that the people around you are better and have better ideas than you?

Aren’t you suffering from low esteem and inferiority complex?

Aren’t you observing that you have the skills and abilities but somehow, refusing to use them when you have the chance to use them for exploit?

And aren’t you dejected and blaming yourself and labelling yourself a dumb dull slow guy that should have acted, give response at some point but didn’t?

And if you nodded and concurred with any of the above, then it is for real, you are suffering from limiting beliefs. You need to act fast and get this book.

Do you observe or notice them

You sat down in your sitting room or lie down on the bed, taking a quick account of your past life and you sensed that things are not working out as it should be. In the phase of working out something new and different, more of overcoming your challenges that can move you to the next level of success, and there comes more like thoughts, past experience or exposure, rights or consents erecting themselves like a high fortified barrier stopping you from doing what you want to do. They are signals and signs that something is wrong with your life. Some things that need urgent attention before they totally destroy your future. People are aware of these signs and the sad news is only small percent do know what to do with these signs. Let this book guide you through and destroy the barriers.

The 8 Days of End of Limiting Beliefs

There are uncountable books and programs out there that only address a part or surface of our problems and never go down deep to the root cause of our stagnancy, limiting beliefs.

This book will help you in: discovering your limiting beliefs and accept them for what they are, neutralize them and turn them into weapon and strength to attain your height and finally, start living a life free from shackle of limiting beliefs.

8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs is a complete book with simple practical knowledge that ran its exercise for 8 days. Meaning it is a book if wholeheartedly read and applied, within 8 days, your life will start experiencing total turn around.

Let me share with you tips in each day.

  • Day 1: the nature of limiting beliefs, the root cause and how to identify them and break the shackles of limiting beliefs.
  • Day 2: the negative beliefs that govern your life, reward of changing your self-beliefs and how to lay foundation of success.
  • Day 3: doubt, fear and how you can turn your greatest fear into motivating tools.
  • Day 4: dealing with your weakness. How to deal with having negative impressions about people. And how to be a true friend to all.
  • Day 5: you will learn about failure, how to embrace failure, perfection and mistakes.
  • Day 6: how to deal with past belief about money. The real color of money.
  • Day 7: future beliefs and how to end any negative belief about the future.
  • Day 8: everybody wants to be happy and here you will learn about happiness limiting beliefs.

The above are just the tips of the iceberg, just get this book and experience it yourself. Experience that change and end those limiting beliefs of yours. Success...................

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