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 The creator of Infatuations scripts goes by the name of Clayton Max, who has over the year released product to the market. His main intention was to introduce a product which will help to trigger the instinct of any man who will be using this product. 

Clayton has done some excellent research about the product to ensure he understands the sexual desires and instincts about the men. According to him, there is some emotion which lies behind every man which make men feel they can't live without a woman.


Why Should You Trust This Product?

 Infatuations scripts is a product that everyone out there should trust when it comes to understanding men and women as far relationship is concerned. Clayton has been in the field of advising and coaching people, thus ensuring that this product will achieve the set objective, which is to help improve the relationship.

He has helped many women who get rejected, thus ensuring that men and women live happily afterward. This product has been helpful in the past few years through restoring the lost glory when it comes to the relationships. Clayton has been a bachelor for a period of time, but later on, he got married to a beautiful wife which create trust on this product.

The woman who she is married to have won his heart where he could not resist thus making to go one knee down and say I Do for the first time. The main questions which everyone asks are what it took for the women to win the heart of this man.

Another main concern is that this product details about what it takes to have a successful relationship. In addition to that, it is good to avoid having a relationship which will be related to the one-way relationship.

About This Program

 This product entails about the various scripts which could be used by women to attract women and also ensure that you keep the man that you love in the relationship. The author is keen to note about what it entails to ensure that you get hold of the main that you dream.

 According to Clayton, he has organized some program which promotes some good understanding of the men and helps them organize their relationships also drags some infatuation of the instincts of the men. Some ladies have confessed about the help that this product has brought to the women. Some of the infatuations scripts which are covered in the product include:

  • Independence scripts
  • Intrigue scripts
  • Cliffhanger scripts
  • Barrier scripts
  • Shaping scripts
  • Temptation scripts
  • Urgency scripts



Every man needs to have a lady who does not bother your independence. It is good to ensure that the lady to ensure they give men independence of mind in the relationship. Most of the men find it difficult when it comes when to meeting the lady on a routine basis.

 According to this product, it fully gives some useful details on the various techniques which women should follow to ensure they give some independence in the relationships. If the lady keeps on bothering the man freedom and independence, it creates an insecure case to the men.


Under this technique, it is all about ensuring that the man you get interested with getting near you. The woman can win the man by ensuring that relationships are the most exciting thing. By ensuring the relationships is interesting, it will promote the success of such a relationship.

 As a lady, you have to ensure the man that you dream of is near you. Through doing this, it would make him fall in you and will soon begin to text you and ask for a hand around.  Most of the men will win the heart of the lady by creating the right moment


It is all about creating a fascinating moment which will make the man look for you now and then. In these techniques, the author shows how the women should ensure they spend all the time with the men. Ensure when you leave each other, he will always look for you to hang around. Your conversation with him should make him be the first person to call.


Most of the women play hard to get games which in many cases act as the barrier. However, it is good for the ladies to ensure they reduce all the barriers which hinder them from winning the man. Create those good moments with him to ensure you win him forever. It is much prudent to ensure that the man you want to have always felt that desire to be with you.

 Sometimes it is good to open your heart and share with the man that you desire what you feel about her. By doing so, it would help you to be in controls of the man and win his heart forever.


 It is prudent for the lady to ensure that you win the heart of the man by allowing him to take reasonable control. This will help you to develop feelings with each other and enhance a good relationship. This technique is fundamental for the growth of the relationships in one way or the other.  The feeling of a man would always grow in stronger with your, and in some way, it w would promote the relationship. 


At times it will require one to develop some sexual desire to win the heart of the man. In some cases, a lady you can win the heart of the man by ensuring you develop good sexual desire. Sometime as the lady, you might not have the looks, but you can win his heart by sexual desire you develop to the man.


When you have made use of all other tactics, it would be necessary to make use of creating fear to him, which would make him fear. Once you create such an environment to the lady, it would make the man create that fear to win you back.

  When a man realizes that he will lose you, he can try everything that he can to win you back. Through this technique, it will mean that the man will be in your possession.

What Problem Can The Product Help To Solve?

Infatuations scripts are a product which is here to help women to win those men of their dreams through winning their heart.  Most of the women have been experiencing some problem when it comes to winning men back. However, with this product, it would help to resolve this problem through the various techniques which will help win the men back.

 There are ladies out there who cling on some men, but they end losing these men in the course of the relationship. The main question is always what it takes for a lady to win then man heart and finally marry her. Some good news about this product is that it will help such women to win their heart.

 Many people who have used this product can ascertain that its helpful in one way or the other thus winning the heart of such men in the society.


Infatuations scripts are available in e-book version, and the client can access book and enjoy the techniques by Clayton. The books come along with some bonuses to the clients once it has been purchased. There are three main bonuses which come with book include:

  • Commitment Calculator
  • Make any Man Yours for life
  • Why men shut women away



 In this bonus, it will discuss in length about Carlos, who has over his life spent in a certain way. For him, he couldn't believe that marriage was meant for him, but eventually, he met a woman who changed his life. Most of the men want to have a committed relationship which will last for a more extended period. By ensuring that you understand the program, it will ensure that you have a good relationship.


In this bonus, the author Am North in details shows how he spends most of his time experiencing how women could build happiness and also ensuring they love their relationships. Also, it shows some of the reason why men would cheat and the signs you would look to know if a man is cheating.


According to the bestseller and authors, they have asked groups of men what exactly happen when it comes to ladies through some hard questions.


 The product is mainly intended to help those women who want to win men out there in a bigger way. Most of the women want to have a good relationship, but they end up failing due to lack of tips and techniques to win the men. This product has been in the market for a period of time, and many people have benefited from these products. The product does not require any technical skills or intermediate level.

Infatuation Scripts
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